Ekaterina Lazareva

artist, curator, critic
editor-in-chief of Futurism.Ru

+7 916 178 02 50


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She was born in Moscow in 1978. She lives and works in Moscow.


1995-2000 Russian State University for Humanities, faculty of art history;
2001-2005 State Institute of Art Criticism, post-gradute course;
2009-2012 Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, class of art photography.

Solo exhibitions:

2013 What do we dream, Brown Stripe apartment gallery, Moscow

2011 March 9, The Rodchenko Moscow School for Photography and Multimedia, Moscow

2010 Martha Roslers Semiotics of the Kitchen (35 years later, Russian version), Art Academia Club, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:

2013 Kino-Foto-Lyudogus. Mayakovsky and international avant-garde in documents and film footage, NCCA, Moscow +

2012 Kandinsky Prize Nominees' Exhibition, Udarnik, Moscow +

2012 No Exceptions, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow +

2012 Anti-censorial placard, Krasnaya Nov, Fabrica, Moscow

2011 DADA MOCKBA (in the framework of 4th Moscow Biennale for contemporary Art), ARTPLAY, Moscow +

2011 Impossible community, State Museum for Contemporary Art of Russian Academy of Art, Moscow

2011 Nemi, Brown Stripe apartment gallery and surroundings, Moscow

2011 Performative Archive, . . Art Bureau, Moscow

2011 Echoes of Eco (within International Winter Art Festival), Winter's Theater, Sochi

2010 Visibility zones (Within Qui Vive? II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art), R FR, Moscow +

2010 Lines of communications, NCCA, Moscow

2010 Personal, Eastern Gallery, Moscow

2010 Up!, dacha eshibition, Khlebnikovo, Moscow region

2010 Sense and Sensibility, ARTPLAY, Moscow

2009 Unbearable, apertment exhibition, Chistye Prudy, Moscow

2001 ARCH_I festival of young architectural ideas, Museum of Architecture, Moscow +

Film Screenings:

2013 Resume of Labour in a Single Shot, Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann' Workshop in Moscow. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2012 CINE FANTOM New Generation, program within 34th Moscow International Film Festival, October multiplex, Moscow +

2012 Video art, program within VI International Film Festival in the name of Andrey Tarkovsky MIRROR, Ples +

2011 Me-gration, video screening within International Migrants Day, Andrey Sakharov Museum and Public Center, Moscow

2011 Speaking with a Camera, video screening within “Auditorium Moscow” exhibition, White Chambers, Moscow

2011 Vidiot#5: Children’s Issue, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2011 Living/experience, video screening within History of Russian Video-Art, Vol. 3 exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow



Classics and Revolution. Mayakovsky (video, posters)

What do we dream (interactive installation)


The Journey from Petersburg to Moscow (video, comix, placard)


1/1 000 000 (graphics)

Migrants (video)

Photo(grapho)mania (graphics)

The 9-th of March (video, collage, installation)


Camera Play (with Vanya Shutov) (video)

Political Minimal (video)

The Trace (video)

Martha Rosler's Semiotics of the Kitchen (35 years later, Russian version) (video)

Forbidden Photography (photogpahy)

History Lessons (installation)

Dates (performance)

Return (performance)

Passato Prossimo (photography)

Self-portrait (photo-objects)


Kabakov and Beuys Dialogue (object)

Fresh News (installation)

Shadows (painting)


The Future is Now! (photography, installation)

2013 X-files, The Rodchenko Moscow School for Photography and Multimedia, Moscow

2013 Photographing Future, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow (with Esther Ruelfs) +

2012 No Exceptions, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (with Sofia Gavrilova) +

2011 Me-gration, video screening and discussion “How to Work with Migrants? Ethics and Politics of Image” within International Migrants Day, Andrey Sakharov Museum and Public Center, Moscow (with Haim Sokol)

2010 Visibility zones. R FR, Moscow. (Within Qui Vive? II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art)

2010 Sense and Sensibility. ARTPLAY, Moscow. (Within Photobiennale-2010)

2005 Sharp Technologies. Taimyr Cactus Festival, Norilsk.

2004 Orient Inn. Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Venice.

2003 Overcoming Alienation (emering artists from Russia) on 1 Prague Biennale. National Gallery, Prague.

2002 Moscow Mayakovsky Festival in State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Zverev Center for contemporary art, L-gallery, Moscow.

Vtoroi Futurizm: Manifesty i programmy italianskogo futurizma, 1915-1933 [Second Futurism: Manifests and programs of Italian Futurism, 1915-1933]. (Introduction, composition, translation from Italian and comments by Ekaterina Lazareva.) Moskva: Gileia, 2013


Sergey Kudryavtsev: Honest liberals, new communists, oppositional priests and anarchists will sit in prisons together 22/06/12 RU

Allan Sekula and his resistance to the financial grasp 2/05/12 RU

Joseph Bakstein: Public recognition already occurred, now it should be comprehended 18/11/11 RU

Deimantas Narkevicius, his stories and his History 30/09/11 RU

Adrian Notz: Today Dadaism is the democratically elected art 8/09/11 RU

A letter from Norway: On Inseparability and Disjunction with the current moment 08/08/11 RU

Life is short and the new media art is not everlasting 21/06/11 RU

Lia Perjovschi: If you need a book and the book doesn't exist you should write it 29/03/11 RU

Nedko Solakov: Europe, it is still divided 09/11/10 RU

Nedko Solakov and his eleven stories 09/11/10 RU

Martha Rosler and her political analisys of everyday life 16/09/10 RU


Lazareva E. Sud’by futurisma v Italii I Rossii vo vtoroi polovine 1910-kh – 1930-e gody [Evolution of Futurism in Italia and Russia from 2nd half of 1910’s to 1930’s]. – Dissertation and author’s abstract. – Moscow, 2011 RU

Mechanical Art and Aeropainting. To the history of the main aesthetic programs of the Italian futurism in 1920-1930’s. - Iskusstvoznaniye, 1-2/2010. RU


Lasareva C. Program ESCAPE: squaring the circle // ESCAPE diary 1999–2010. Moscow: MMOMA, 2011 RU+EN

All and One: the Dialectic of the Universal and the Individual. - Sergey Shutov. Captain's Log'08. Moscow, Knigi WAM, 2008. RU+EN

Cronicle 1991-2004. - Ha Kypopt! Russische Kunst Heute (catalog, Russian and German editions). Koln, Wienand, 2004. RU/GE.

Overcoming Alienation. - Prague Biennale 1 (exhibition catalog). Giancarlo Politi Editore, 2003. EN


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Real art from virtual space. - Artchronika, 3-4/2000. RU


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