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March, 4 - May, 23, 2010. FUTUROLOGIA. Russian contemporary art exhibition at the Center for contemporry Culture GARAGE, Moscow. Curated by Herve Mikhailov. The exhibition explores the traditions of Russian avant-garde in contemporary Russian art.

April, 7-9, 2009. XL Vipper Readings "Futurism. Towards the 100ry of the artistic movement" at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow. The conference is timed to the exhibition Futurism - Radical Revolution. Italy - Russia.

February, 20, 2009. Italian cities celebrate the centenary of Italian Futurism.

June, 19, 2008. FUTURQUARTETTE. A concert by Daniele Lombardi, FuturENSEMBLE and Pier Paolo Coss at и Пьер Паоло Косс aat the Moscow International House of Music.

June, 17 - August, 31, 2008. Futurism - Radical Revolution. Italy - Russia. Exhibition from museums and private collections from Italy, Russia, Switzerland, USA and Israel. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.



Moscow Mayakovasky Festival



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