About the project

FUTURISM.RU has arisen in 2002 as the independent, non-profit project of group of art critics and curators infatuated by Russian and international avant-guard art. The project purpose was a creation of the virtual encyclopaedia of Russian, Italian and others Futurisms. At the first stage there have been created the pages devoted to leading representatives of Russian literary and art futurism, as David Burljuk, Natalia Goncharova, Elena Guro, Vasily Kamensky, Alexey Kruchenykh, Mikhail Larionov, Mikhail Le-Dantju, Mikhail Matyushin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Olga Rozanova and Velemir Khlebnikov. The basic manifestos of Russian futurism have been published: The Slap in the face to public taste (1912), The Corf of judges (1913), The Word as such (1913), The Pipe of Martians (1916), The Declaration of abstruse language (1921).

Today, when the encyclopaedic problem is partly solved, FUTURISM.RU becomes the information resource representing actual events connected with futurism all over the world. We write about exhibitions of historical futurism, the scientific conferences, new editions, and also about actual art process in which an avant-guard heritage, utopian and revolutionary art ideas find the continuation.

Simultaneously with the launching of the site in spring of 2002 we have organised the first Moscow Festival of Mayakovsky – anti-anniversary celebration of the great poet which has been conceived as research of a current literary and art situation, the analysis on «a futurism virus». The festival has taken place between old and new style calendar dates of the poet's birth – from July, 7th to 19, 2002. In the festival program there has passed three poetic evenings, two evenings of archival cinema, an exhibition of contemporary art and posters design exhibition, evening of performance, a round table and a number of street actions (PROGRAM). The festival has gathered 90 participants – poets, artists, designers (PARTICIPANTS). The State museum of Mayakovsky, the Moscow international forum of art initiatives, the Zverevsky centre of contemporary art and L-gallery have opened their doors to Moscow Festival of Mayakovsky initiated by command from FUTURISM.RU. Dmitry Kuzmin and Danila Davidov have thought up and have organised the poetic program. Elena Rymshina has involved leading Moscow designers in participation in the poster action sponsored by company Linia Graphic. Nikolay Bajtov became the curator of evening of futuristic performance, and Angela Arsinkej has collected an exhibition of posters. We have organised an exhibition and video display «Mayakovsky proceeds» and have arranged the display of films with Mayakovsky's participation and under his scenarios from fund of the Museum of Cinema (PARTNERS).

Moscow Mayakovsky Festival has involved extraordinary wide audience and has caused huge and ambiguous interest from mass media (PRESS). Thus it has been organised with the zero budget, on «naked enthusiasm». Possibly, therefore it did not become regular though initially was planned as annual. For the financial and organizational reasons in the following 2003 the festival has not taken place, and different reasons impeded to revive it as biennial (2004), triennial exhibitions (2005) and so on. We hope that Mayakovsky's festival all the same will proceed, and, probably, you can help it. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Ekaterina Lazareva, editor-in-chief of FUTURISM.RU

May 2010




Moscow Mayakovasky Festival